About Us

Hello. I’m Daniel Gasteiger.

I created Home Kitchen Garden Store to provide a place to collect links to products and services that I talk about in my other blogs. I’m afraid I don’t update this site as much as its sister sites, but I do maintain it and pay attention to activity on it. Please use the Contact Us form to ask questions if you have any.

Sister sites to Home Kitchen Garden Store include the following:

Your Small Kitchen Garden

Your Home Kitchen Garden

Food Dryer Home


Most of the products I represent on this site are through affiliate relationships–especially with Amazon.com. However, I occasionally add custom-designed products to my Zazzle account, and provide links to them here. There are usually more products in my Zazzle store than you’ll find on this web site.

Yard Birds are a unique adventure. As you can learn on the Yard Birds page, a local artist makes these using old farm and garden implements. Each is unique, and the supply and variety varies according to the whims of the artist. I try to post new inventory when it’s available, but the artist’s collection falls off by winter and he generally makes a whole bunch of new sculptures in early spring. Many Yard Birds are large and awkward to ship, and I actually build my own shipping boxes from discarded appliance boxes. Occasionally, the artist sells a Yard Bird that I’ve posted on the web site and I don’t find out about it until I go to pick it up on behalf of a Home Kitchen Garde Store customer. In the very rare event that this happens, I notify the customer and offer alternative sculptures or a reversal of the Paypal charge.

Finally, I expect to offer a few unique products at the Home Kitchen Garden Store. Please visit the site from time-to-time or subscribe to the RSS feed. For very special products, I’ll post on the sister sites as well.