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I try to make it easy for readers of my gardening blogs to find gear, books, or other products relevant to the topics in a post. To that end, I’ve created two a-stores. You can build such stores using tools available at It’s nearly as simple as choosing which products you’d like to have in your store; Amazon’s software organizes the products and handles transactions. When you shop in an a-store, you’re buying either directly from, or from one of the many vendors who sell through

Of course, you can shop directly on Amazon’s web site and you’ll find a lot more products from which to choose. The advantage of shopping at my a-stores is that I’ve already waded through hundreds of products to produce short-lists of well-regarded items. Generally, I’ve included products with only the highest customer ratings and the best customer comments. Included products having inferior reviews, are usually less expensive or the best in their price ranges.

My Small Kitchen Garden a-store focuses primarily on products that gardeners use: books, tools, planters, and gifts for gardeners–though I had some difficulty with Amazon in the recent past and am rebuilding the store; it may be a few days. My Home Kitchen Garden a-store places heavy emphasis on food-preservation. There you’ll find canning supplies alongside rain barrels as well as books about canning.

I update the a-stores from time-to-time, and will expand their offerings in the coming months. As I said: I tend to add products related to topics in my blogs. If you follow Your Small Kitchen Garden blog or Your Home Kitchen Garden blog, you’ll catch notices of additions embeded in upcoming posts.

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