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Welcome to the Home Kitchen Garden Store. This site is about shopping. Here you’ll find pages dedicated to specific products unique to the Your Home Kitchen Garden and Your Small Kitchen Garden blogs written by Daniel Gasteiger the original Cityslipper. You’ll also find links to on-line garden stores, nurseries, and other resources for gardeners.

Over time, I’ll consolidate and categorize shopping sites I find in the on-line gardening world.

Please let me know when you find the Home Kitchen Garden Store useful, or when you find it lacking (but bear with me; it’ll take some time to build up the references and links). I’ll try to track down sources for things you’re having trouble finding. Also, share your preferences with the on-line gardening community: if there is a product or service that you value but that you can’t find here, post the link and I’ll add it to the site.

Thanks for visiting!

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