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Some people will stop at nothing to install a home kitchen garden. I hope you don’t have to dig in the floor of your cell to plant vegetables… but I’d understand the urge if it was your only reasonable option.

That said, I write a lot about gardening in small spaces. Many kitchen gardeners have no more than a windowsill or a clear spot on a counter in which to grow produce. Other gardeners find space on balconies, patios, porches, and decks to hold planters for herbs, greens, and, perhaps, more ambitious vegetables and fruits.

In acknowledgement of these determined gardeners, I’ve added links to the container-gardening sections of several on-line gardening stores. In the left margin of the page, look for the section titled, Planters. The six links in that section lead to plenty of planters. Find planters to match any decour in nearly every price range. Please have a look; you’re bound to find just the right container in which to grow your kitchen goodies.

Emphasizing Yard Birds

Yard birds are the coolest gardening-related objects d’arte I’ve ever seen. These clever creations are sculptures assembled from pieces of garden tools, farm machinery, and steel re-bar. The artist of the original Yard Bird lives in my home town, and has agreed to let me sell his creations on-line.

This web site features the Yard Birds store, but if you arrived on the site’s home page, you might easily overlook the link. So… I’ve added a photograph of a yard bird in the left margin of the site along with links to the Yard Birds page. Browse the selection and add a little whimsy to your garden.

If you like the Yard Bird stylings, but don’t see one that fits your decour, check back from time-to-time. I’ll add more designs as the artist produces them.


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