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It dawned on me this morning as I thought about the Home Kitchen Garden Store web site, that another blog I manage grew directly out of my interest in gardening. That blog, Food Dryer Home, is about preserving fruits, vegetables, and meats through dehydration.

My home kitchen garden always produces a bit more food than my family can consume during the growing season. Some of that food – tomatoes, for example – I can in glass jars. Other items I blanch and freeze. This year, I’ve realize a third option: my toaster oven has a Dehydrate setting and can dry two racks full of food at a time. I plan to dry some winter squash which I understand rehydrates nicely in soup.

In any case, a food dryer is a terrific accompaniment to a home kitchen garden. Use a food dryer to dry herbs for your spice rack. Use a food dryer to make nutritious dried fruit snacks. Use a food dryer to make delicious, preservative-free fruit rollups. Use a food dryer to dehydrate surplus vegetables so you can store them to use during the off season.

I built an aStore for visitors to my Food Dryer Home blog, and I’ve added a link to that aStore in the left margin of this page. Please visit for the best-rated dehydrators and accessories available through

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